We think that interdisciplinary Master (MA) and Doctoral (PhD) programs are the best way to improve Latin American (LATAM) capacity for scholarship at the intersection of science, philosophy, and theology. However, these programs should be tailored to ensure that: 1) they address specific requirements of regional scholars; 2) they are able to achieve economic sustainability. In this planning grant, we propose: 1) to design interdisciplinary MA and PhD programs in science, philosophy and theology tailor-made for Latin American scholars; 2) to analyze their strategic relevance; 3) to study their economic feasibility; 4) to train future lecturers with distance education skills; 5) to test the teaching methodology proposed. The envisioned programs are a mid-term stage of a larger strategic development plan, which we also seek to outline with this Project. Our enduring vision is to position a reference center for Spanish-speaking academia, where philosophers and theologians interested in pursuing the study of science-engaged theology will have ready access to cutting-edge research in relevant sciences. This center will work closely with other specialized centers in different topics. The proposed programs will also help to consolidate networking among our scholars.