The Cultivating Genius Initiative will create a digital portal that includes master classes for a select group of students worldwide who demonstrate extraordinary mathematical talent, providing them a unique opportunity to 1) vastly expand their perspective by intensely exploring new arenas in which to apply their abilities, guided by renowned scientists and thinkers, 2) deepen their knowledge by grappling with challenging ideas in new and unfamiliar contexts 3) open pathways along which their genius can flourish, facilitating their potential to spark revolutionary breakthroughs. Mathematical genius surfaces at an early age, providing an opportunity for cultivation at a formative stage. A primary goal of this initiative is to enrich the perspective of such students, introducing them through a vigorous series of digital master classes to a wealth of areas not typically considered mathematical. Over time, we will expand the population we serve to include those who demonstrate genius in areas such as computer science and technology.

In order to effectively execute this project, we are requesting a $199,994 one-year planning grant, during which we will produce the following concrete Outputs, namely detailed plans for 1) the overall curriculum for weekly master classes to presented by leading scientists; 2) mentor and participant recruitment; 3) the architecture for master class digital platform with integrated tools to deliver/support the digital curriculum and a social communication network; 4) an evaluation strategy; 5) a business plan to cover marketing/branding for the program and fundraising for the long-term sustainability of the project. The ultimate Outcome of the planning grant will be a three-year proposal to launch the Initiative. Enduring impacts: inspiring a group of extraordinary young minds to apply their one-in-a-million abilities to diverse and critical challenges, with the potential of ultimately making revolutionary contributions.