Philosophy of religion in Brazil is very diverse and pluralistic in terms of approaches and history of philosophy references. However, although it is a very important manner of dealing with crucial problems in the field (specially as a bridge between science and religion), the analytic philosophy of religion is too little practised in the country. This project intends to improve the study and training in this way of dealing with conceptual big questions of religion and spirituality in the country by means of four activities: 1) translation into Portuguese of influential and introductory books of the analytic tradition in the philosophy of religion, 2) aquisition of books and a journal subscription which are important for the academic training of researchers in this approach in Brazil, 3) interchange of researchers between Brazilian and Anglo-American universities, 4) an award aimed at encouraging the teaching of analytic philosophy of religion with material produced by the project.
By the end of the project, we aim to have as outputs: 13 books translated from English into Portuguese; at least three monographs to be sent for publication in either Brazilian or international jounals (at least one by each participant in the project); three seminars with Anglo-American philosophers (one in each university involved); equip the libraries of the three univesities to which belong the participants with important books of analytic philosophy of religion; the BAPR will have contacted foreign institution willing to accept Brazilian researches in the area; five awards will have been given for teaching experience with the analytic philosophy of religion in the country.
The enduring impact expected with the project is an increase 1) in the number of researchers dealing with the area in the country, 2) in the influence its debate have in the Brazilian academic environment, 3) in the participation of Brazilian philosophers in the international debate.