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Building capacity and networks of scholarship in global Muslim communities related to Science & the Big Questions.


Guidance for 2020 Funding Cycle: We invite Open Funding Inquiries from interdisciplinary teams looking to investigate how Islamic beliefs and cultural mindsets might frame current debates about science, technology, and society. We particularly seek teams inclusive of scholars based in the Muslim-majority world.

How do the insights of scholars and religious leaders in the Muslim world inform our understanding of profound concerns at the intersection of science, philosophy, and spirituality? What critical questions have not been explored because of the predominance of the “Western” university, and how can other voices be brought into the conversation?

Over the next five years we intend to focus grantmaking efforts on the following areas:

  • Building networks of scholars enthusiastic and informed about science and Islam, and in Islamic theology
  • Supporting topically-focused research initiatives which allow Muslim scholars to work in parallel with scholars from other religious traditions on topics in science and Islam
  • Fostering growth of institutions in the Muslim majority world and in the West which support production of scholars focusing on Science & the Big Questions
  • Conducting opinion and institutional survey research concerning Science & the Big Questions
  • Supporting the development of character development resources for Muslims

Featured Grants

Philosophy and Theology
Project Leader(s): Faisal Ghias, Sana Syed
Grantee(s): The Oasis Initiative Foundation
Philosophy and Theology
Project Leader(s): Aref Nayed, Sohail Nakhooda
Grantee(s): Kalam Research & Media
Philosophy and Theology
Project Leader(s): Tim Winter
Grantee(s): Cambridge Muslim College
Philosophy and Theology
Project Leader(s): Ahmad Jadallah
Grantee(s): Phi Science Institute