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The John Templeton Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members to its Board of Trustees, Dr. Kim Tan and Ms. Lauren Templeton.

The new trustees were confirmed by a vote of the Foundation’s members at its annual meeting, held virtually on June 26-28, 2020. Their terms are effective as of July 1, 2020.

They join the other serving members of the 12-person Board of Trustees that governs the Foundation. The Trustees are guided by the charter and bylaws written by Sir John Templeton.

Dr. Tan is the Chairman of Springhill Management (UK), a fund management company specializing in biotech and social impact investments. He is a partner of a number of social impact funds including Novastar Ventures (Kenya), Inqo Investments (South Africa), and Garden Impact (Singapore). He is the co-founder of the Transformational Business Network and the inventor of sheep monoclonal antibodies. He serves on the advisory boards of J&J Social Ventures and the Centre for Enterprise Markets & Ethics. He is a Pro-Chancellor of the University of Surrey and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Dr. Tan attended several Lyford Cay summits with Sir John Templeton, including the 2004 Lyford Cay Summit on Innovation in Philanthropy and the 2005 Lyford Cay Summit on Entrepreneurial Philanthropy and Enterprise-Based Solutions to Poverty. In addition, he participated in the 2008 Lyford Cay Summit on Free Enterprise, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Wealth Creation in Africa. He is a Member of the John Templeton Foundation and Templeton World Charity Foundation, and a Steering Committee member of the Templeton Religion Trust.

Ms. Templeton is the founder and President of Templeton & Phillips Capital Management, LLC, a global investing boutique located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She is also an independent director and member of the Audit Committee of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, a financial holding company engaged in property and casualty insurance and reinsurance. She is an independent director of Fairfax India Holdings Corporation, a publicly traded subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. Ms. Templeton is an independent director of Canadian Solar, one of the world’s largest and foremost solar power companies. It is a leading manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules and provider of solar energy solutions and has a geographically diversified pipeline of utility-scale power projects in various stages of development.

Ms. Templeton also serves on a number of non-profit organizations. She serves on the Board of Trustees at the Baylor School, the Board of Trustees at the Bright School, and the Board of Overseers at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. Ms. Templeton is the former President of the Southeastern Hedge Fund Association, based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also the co-author of Investing the Templeton Way: The Market Beating Strategies of Value Investing’s Legendary Bargain Hunter, which has been translated into nine languages. Ms. Templeton holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from the University of the South, Sewanee.