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Yesterday, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr. Frank Wilczek won the 2022 Templeton Prize.

Dr. Wilczek is renowned for his groundbreaking investigations into the fundamental laws of nature and his vision of the universe as embodying a magnificent mathematical beauty that is present in all of its parts. Throughout his remarkable career, Dr. Wilczek has pondered questions of human purpose, meaning, and spirituality through the lens of his work in physics. In his book Fundamentals, he writes:

“In studying how the world works, we are studying how God works, and thereby learning what God is. In that spirit, we can interpret the search for knowledge as a form of worship, and our discoveries as revelations.”

Watch the videos below to learn more about Dr. Wilczek’s unique perspective on beauty, God, and the scientists who’ve inspired him.

Beauty: the True Muse of Science

Dr. Wilczek explains why it’s no accident that the mathematical equations we find most beautiful also tend to be correct.

Who do you consider the most awe-inspiring scientist in history?

Dr. Wilczek reveals his choice — and walks us through the considerations behind his selection.

The Benefits of Holding Contradictory Points of View

Dr. Wilczek explains that, in quantum mechanics, you need to think about a given system in ways that are mutually incompatible in order to do justice to its reality.

The Intent of the Templeton Prize

Dr. Wilczek comments on the Templeton Prize and his feelings about accepting the award.

The Operating System of the World

Can you write a computer program that captures the operating system of the world? Dr. Wilczek explains.

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