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On August 19, 2022 the John Templeton Foundation closed the first stage of its 2022 Funding Cycle and received a record number of initial requests. The 2,672 requests for $1.96 billion in funding was the largest number of applications the Foundation had ever received for a single cycle; up 17 percent from 2021. The Foundation received an additional 262 requests ($122.8 million) in its Spiritual Yearning Research Initiative (SYRI) funding competition. In total the 2,934 requests came from applicants located in 102 different countries.

“Thanks to everyone who submitted inquiries this year to the John Templeton Foundation,” said John Bare, Vice President of Programs. “We are grateful for the high level of interest in our mission and priorities. To honor that interest, the Foundation staff places great importance on reviewing each request thoroughly and evaluating its promise in light of our goals, potential impact, and the availability of funds. Regretfully, due to the number of inquiries, we cannot provide each applicant with specific feedback about declined requests.”

After careful review, the Foundation determined that about 30 percent of the requests failed to pass an initial screening because they were not aligned with any of the Foundation’s Funding Areas or Sir John Templeton’s broader philanthropic vision. The Foundation will issue invitations to submit a full proposal to 5.7 percent of the applicants who did pass the initial screening.

Inquiries for the 2023 funding cycle are currently being accepted. To learn more about the Foundation’s grantmaking process, including key dates, please visit our Apply for a Grant page.