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Please note: The information in this article reflects our strategic priorities at the time of writing and may change over time. To confirm our current funding interests, please view our Funding Areas.


In this conversation with grantee Jeffrey Rosen, the President and CEO of the National Constitution Center, he speaks about the importance of intellectual humility, spreading “constitutional light,” and preserving civil discourse in the age of social media. He also discusses the Center’s Interactive Constitution, an interactive platform sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation that explores modern implications of the Constitution’s history.

“People are learning to debate issues not in political terms, but in constitutional terms. They’re asking not, what is good policy, but what does the Constitution allow or prohibit? And by separating their constitutional views from their political views, just like Supreme Court justices do, citizens are learning to think like constitutional lawyers and engage in the highest active citizenship.”

Watch to learn more:

This interview is the second in a series of conversations with grantees that were filmed during the production of a video announcing the Foundation’s investment of approximately $325 million in twelve Strategic Priorities.