Based on the exceptional results obtained in the French Press in 2010 in the field of Science and Religion (special reports with cover stories in Le Monde des Religions, the Point” and the Figaro Magazine), this project aims to further highlight, develop and render more interactive the debate on Science and Religion in France, while providing a much needed resource center and hub. In order to do so, we would like to create a website of reference and information in the field of Science and Religion serving a French speaking public. It will service three principal objectives: provide dynamic informational resources to scholars, journalists and the general public, organize contradictory debates around a number of fundamental Big Questions and be a gathering and information sharing platform for organizations working in a similar direction of UIP’s, with links to a large number of other websites. The website will permit to hold debates, both in writing and through videos, on fundamental questions such as “What is it to be human?”, “What is the nature of reality?”, … The project will also continue our work with French media, and will use the results already obtained as an important leverage. Two sponsors already contributed to this project with matching funds and other potential sponsors have expressed interest. The project’s development and impact will be based on the collaboration with an important media group in the press and publication sector (Media Participation), Catholic and state universities (Lyon, Lausanne, Nice and Rennes) and other organization having important and extended networks on Internet and in the wide media (ALETEIA). As soon as the project is to start, an important number of other partners who have already collaborated with or been approached by UIP will join the project. Our website enters in full synergy with various other past and present projects supported by JTF and opens the way for other projects it wishes to develop in France.