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This project proposes three major initiatives that leverage the ARDA’s newly rebuilt website architecture.

Building on our Strengths: Partnering with the University of Sheffield, this project will strengthen the Data Archive by adding 100 newly curated data files. We will optimize the speed with which we display data and metadata. This project will also maintain, update, and expand our online data visualization and download tools.

Improving the Discovery of Religion Data and Measures: This project will build two new portals for increasing users’ access to data and metadata. We will create a Submission Portal in partnership with the Center for Open Science wherein users can self-submit replication data. Second, we will create a Discovery Portal that allows us to add metadata for religion-related studies that are not currently archived at the ARDA. We will develop improved measurement tools including a survey creation tool that lets users search, compare and evaluate questions related to key religious concepts. Finally, in partnership with Pew we will develop a metadata schema for tagging religion content via a series of related workshops.

Building Community: The ARDA’s recent site rebuild and our new tools will open opportunities for building partnerships that facilitate cooperative connections in the research community. We will do this in three major ways. First we will develop strategic partnerships around the world across disciplines and methodologies that expand the diversity of resources findable from the ARDA. Second, we will build an extendable API that allows users to retrieve metadata records for surveys and location-based religion information. Third, we will build a re-imagined Religion Research Hub that will become a home page for the research community we hope to foster.