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In our increasingly polarized context, faith traditions are often coopted into partisan positions, with much public media engendering anger and extreme views. Conservative forms of Christian faith, e.g., may be coopted into propagating “anti-science” positions. Such polarization and false dichotomies limit intellectual and social possibilities, posing a grave threat to our social fabric.

More public media content is needed which exhibits both a well-informed sensitivity to traditional forms of faith, while also providing an intellectual framework that can engage new scientific discovery. We need more public exhibitions of “third ways” which subvert prevailing false dichotomies.

Through this grant, Tokens can build on already funded operations, producing such new content, and distribute that content to a broader audience. More specifically:

(a) Develop new content which will provide a constructive, winsome engagement with public theology, explicitly dealing with many of the Big Questions prioritized by JTF, in the form of new podcast episodes, and a brand-new full stage-show before a live audience.

(b) Provide greater public engagement with our public theology content: First, by expanding our podcast distribution, and expanding our newsletter and subscriber base, through a carefully targeted marketing strategy.

(c) Facilitate further and broad dissemination of the work of previous and current JTF-funded grantees.

(d) Facilitate the leverage of the long-term effects of this grant, and fund new public theology content development, by providing resources for writing further grant applications.

The current moment presents an uncommon opportunity in public media. Through leveraging resources and experience of both JTF and Tokens Show, the most can be made of this opportunity.