This project will equip 250 under-resourced Majority World academic institutions with high-quality texts on science and faith. These institutions are training the next generation of leaders for church and society, and are doing so in the midst of interreligious tension, cultural change and scientific advancement often perceived as incompatible with faith. Courageous faculty seek to prepare students with intellectual openness, academic rigor and interdisciplinary exposure to issues of fundamental importance to the flourishing of humanity. They seek library resources that will facilitate deep and creative Christian engagement with both science and Islam. Christianity and Islam are growing rapidly, particularly in the Majority World where they also experience the rise of fundamentalisms, making evident the need for strategies to cultivate humility, openness, and mutual respect. Our partners – over 1,300 global theological institutions – seek interdisciplinary resources to facilitate deeper understandings of science in this pluralistic world. This project will provide curated collections of high-quality academic texts on science and religion to these schools. These resources will allow theological institutions to develop their capacity to prepare leaders to address these complex issues and to make scholarly contributions to theological discourse and literature. We request John Templeton Foundation support to provide 9,300 key texts on science and religion to 250 Majority World institutions. (A companion project will provide an additional 18,150 books on Christianity and Islam. Together, the two projects will provide these 250 schools with a total of 27,450 books. While the two projects complement each other, each is able to stand alone in its funding, implementation, scale-ability and results, and would continue to benefit from our economies of scale in shipping and purchasing. The exceptional cost-leveraging exists regardless of project size.)