To most, Adam Smith is a faded enigma. Some may recall his “Invisible Hand,” or his landmark book “The Wealth of Nations; others might recall – and misinterpret – his ideas about selfishness. Few know Smith viewed himself as a moral philosopher. Long forgotten is his “The Theory of Moral Sentiments,” his favorite book. Based on solid scholarship and the direction of a review panel composed of outstanding Smith scholars, this project will examine, for the first time on mass media, Smith’s two major works simultaneously, offer a more holistic understanding of Smith’s worldview, and reveal the surprising relevance of his ideas to our world. It will show how free markets and community are vital to developing prosperity--and personal character. These two hour-long programs will be filmed in historic locations and in contemporary locations where his ideas are still very much alive. They will be feature host, Johan Norberg, and be guided by noted Smith scholars Nicholas Phillipson, James Otteson, Eamonn Butler, and Ryan Hanley, and others who will appear in the programs. The project will benefit from a strong outreach and distribution plan with special attention to those who consume media digitally, outside traditional channels. This means newer, younger adult audiences will hear the Smithian message that free markets, character development, and prosperity go together. This project will demonstrate, to an astonishing degree, that the world now runs according to Adam Smith’s rules. Free market democracies, low tariffs, and division of labor have helped to bring millions out of poverty. Those places that are most free are also the most prosperous, as he predicted. People may think Smith was a stuffy intellectual. Nothing could be farther from the truth. His is a fantastic story, full of observation, insight, and analysis. Some may come away from the programs believing that he is one of the most important and influential people that have ever lived.