Although the public discourse on the importance of “good” character is ubiquitous, rarely is there opportunity to discuss with depth the nature and foundations of character and virtues such as forgiveness, joy, love, generosity, and purpose. The modern university, one of the most important incubators of cultural leadership, is failing in the responsibility to equip future leaders with the character necessary to promote the flourishing of a global society. Veritas’ work to address this need applies the best academic research to engage students and faculty for the common good. Specifically, this project will focus on continuing our previous work in this area, to deliver Veritas Forum content that addresses three questions: • How should we define a life of purpose and success for a generation in search of meaning? • How do we foster resilience and persistence in the face of suffering and struggle? • How do we inspire and strengthen the other virtues necessary to a life of character, such as gratitude, forgiveness, and awe? This project will engage leading secular universities through compelling and credible Forums with Christian and non-Christian scholars. Our three main initiative areas will be: 1. Engage students, faculty, and university communities on questions of Purpose, Character, and Virtue 2. Catalyze and equip leading scholars to speak on the big questions of Purpose, Character, and Virtue 3. Effectively engage a broader public audience and discourse with questions of Purpose, Character, and Virtue