I have been concerned with the nature of time for many years, and have shown that it plays a very different role in quantum theory than in classical physics, and specifically, the perceived passage of time is connected intrinsically to the problem of measurement. I would like the opportunity to finally tackle the problem in a definitive way, and this involves a many-pronged approach to it. I would like to have a post-doctoral assistant to help with the research and trade ideas with. I would also like the ability to travel some to consult with other experts in the area. My hope would be that this would lead to a much more satisfactory understanding of the role that time plays, other than as a mere external parameter in the theory. I believe that the concept of proper time should play a very different and much more active role in physics than it is normally given, and that understanding this is crucial to further progress in a number of areas. In line with this, I also believe that mass should play a much more dynamical role in the theory than it normally does. I believe I am the only one who is thinking along the lines I describe and I would hope to achieve a breakthrough in understanding of this problem. In my opinion, problems in physics in areas such as quantizing gravity are not merely mathematical problems, but are due to a fundamental lack of understanding physically some of the basic concepts of time and matter. If this project is successful I would hope it would lead to a fundamental revision in the way such problems are approached. Some of my ideas along this line are summarized in the first attached file in the section Supporting Materials. I am proposing that the project last two years, and the funding request below is for the entire two-year project.