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The Magi Project is a three year education and dialogue project, oriented at university students with the following aims:

(1) To inspire enthusiasm and interest on the place of the spiritual life and the Divine, in the light of our scientific understanding of the astonishing Universe in which we live.
(2) To provide education and awareness of the compatibility of science and religion, and promote respectful dialogue between the two.
(3) To give students improved knowledge and ability to asses and evaluate arguments made against the compatibility of science and make reasoned contributions to the debate on science and religion.

Education and outreach will be carried out by the named PI, Dr. March, in partnership with the Collegium Institute and the Program for Research on Religion & Urban Civil Society, at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). Deliverables will include development and delivery of short courses on science and religion at UPenn, a visiting speaker program, an annual graduate student seminar and undergraduate events designed to promote dialogue in science and religion at other universities.