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The Foundation for Excellence in Higher Education (FEHE) is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to advance society’s understanding of human flourishing by investing in higher education, where our culture’s ideas first take shape. To this end, FEHE has founded institutes within or next to elite universities to promote a holistic, authentic view of the human person and his flourishing. FEHE seeks $234,800 from the John Templeton Foundation to support six institutes at Duke, Harvard, Rice, Stanford and the Universities of Chicago and Texas at Austin as they launch programs to explore the intersection of faith and science. The program’s goals are threefold: a) to foster critical analysis and discourse among undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and professionals on the relationship between faith and science; b) to help participants understand how the present cultural rift between faith and science affects both our understanding of the human person and the world in which the human person lives; c) to provide participants an opportunity to cultivate their own flourishing in professional and educational settings.

Programs will undertake three kinds of activity:

1. Campus programs such as lectures, debates, reading groups, and seminar series for undergraduate students, graduate students, and the public-at-large
2. Professional development
3. Accredited university courses