Gödel's work on incompleteness demonstrates that there is no system of axioms for set theory-the standard foundation for mathematics-which is sufficient to resolve all set-theoretic problems. This has led researchers to search for new axioms which can be added to the standard axiom system ZFC, which not only resolves new problems but also can be arguably declared as 'true statements of set theory.' The goal of the Hyperuniverse Programme is to pursue an approach to set-theoretic truth based on intrinsic features of the universe V of sets. To achieve this goal, we form the Hyperuniverse of all 'pictures of V' or 'universes' (countable transitive models of the ZFC axioms) and select preferred universes based on the intrinsic principles of maximality and omniscience. First-order statements which hold in all preferred universes are then proposed as new and true axioms of set theory. We expect that this project will provide convincing answers to long-unsolved problems of set theory, including Cantor's Continuum Problem.