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Germany lacks a competitive and innovative freedom movement. We want to get to the root of this problem by transferring the proven concept of start-up accelerators to the world of ideas and societal change. It is our goal that the most talented and motivated young people champion the ideal of individual liberty by filling it with life and new projects. We make it our mission to identify and train the next generation of freedom leaders and then seed-fund and mentor their projects.

What makes a successful change entrepreneur? We believe that commitment and talent are equally important as having a place to learn, grow and connect. With the Freedom Accelerator, we give future freedom leaders a home. They get €15,000 in seed funding, a personal stipend, and rigorous training. And they experience first-hand what it means to be a change entrepreneur by working with us in our newly established co-working space.

In support of our core activities, we will conduct research on the state of the German freedom movement and how successful and innovative social change can be accomplished. And we will channel applicants into our program by running the annual "Change Entrepreneur Summer School" which introduces young, promising individuals to the concept of change entrepreneurship. All former fellows will be invited to join the constantly growing alumni network, creating a vibrant and exclusive group of high-potential change entrepreneurs.

Europe’s largest economy should not be left to stagnation, in economics or in ideals. We envision a vibrant and multifaceted freedom movement with skilled and dedicated leaders. And we have a tested concept to achieve our vision.