The Project seeks to open a unique dialogue between Europe and the United States by providing a forum for leaders and audiences to discuss and debate the reasons why the United States must very carefully consider its next steps as it continues to move towards a European-like social welfare model.

This Project comes as at a crucial moment in history when free market advocacy in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe which had seen great strides in its economic freedom in the previous 25 years, is at a turning point. The costs of the journey down the road to serfdom in Europe are being felt ever more strongly. At the same time, the United States, through its own political and leadership debates, is crying out for a change in direction and for a positive message that is not only optimistic, but that offers practical solutions to its problems. In the United States, not unlike Europe, the topics of debate are more likely to include wealth distribution, international competitiveness and job preparedness. Is the time up for capitalism? What is the appropriate role of capitalism in a responsible society? What is the appropriate role of government? These ideas are likely to have as much relevance to an American audience that is close to the fundamental debates as to many that are demonstrating on the streets of Greece, Spain or Italy.

The Project will engage and challenge participants from across the political spectrum and from all walks of life in a series of events, in-depth workshops, and online discussion groups. The knowledge gathered and disseminated by this Project, as well as the networks created by it, will generate a unique conversation within the United States that can then feed into the wider global public policy community, with the potential to influence the future direction of the United States and the prosperity of its people for the next generation.