Questioning university students are too often presented with the monolithic view all modern intellectuals accept that science is the exclusive source of reliable knowledge, particularly over and against religious or faith-based knowledge. The Veritas Forum proposes a 3-year partnership with the John Templeton Foundation to inspire the shapers of tomorrow's culture through a series of Forums and related initiatives dedicated to catalyzing ongoing dialogue about the dynamic between science and faith. Past Templeton grants have enabled us to create well attended, high-quality Forums with broad support and interest across the university. We are now poised to focus on deepening our impact by creating more effective content, engaging key intellectual gatekeepers on campus, equipping more young scholars for public communication and addressing emerging questions. We will focus on questions exploring the relationship between science and faith. The project is comprised of 4 major prongs with associated outcomes: 1. Large campus events, with increased emphasis on dialogue between differing perspectives (100 Forums in North America and Europe); 2. Impact initiatives (70 events with generic impact strategy and resources; 30 with customized strategy); 3. Presenter and presentation development (15 scholars with refined presentations for Forums; 10 Riff Scholars); 4. Print and online development/dissemination (1 book; 3 discussion booklets; 80 web recordings). The potential enduring impacts of this project include changed thinking and behavior among individual students and faculty, transformed university conversations and context regarding the relationship between science and faith, and a greater openness to and awareness of the credible options in the larger cultural discussion.