The Russian Orthodox Church leadership agreed in 2011 on the need to begin a full-scale institutional dialogue with science. A quality launch of a new stage in the dialogue will make it possible to avoid repeating mistakes of the past and to effectively use the Western experience with a clear awareness of Russian cultural and intellectual specificity. To do it, it is necessary to develop a new methodology of dialogue between science and religion in Russia. The project will be implemented through the efforts of a creative research team made up of recognized specialists in relevant aspects of dialogue between science and religion in Russia. The Main Stages of the Project 1.Individual analytical work of the team members; 2.Group creative work to make a critical review of the principal positions and to develop methodological recommendations; 3.Presentation of the methodological recommendations to the Russian Orthodox Church leaders and the scientific community. Outputs: 1.A compendium of analytical papers and methodological recommendations for developing dialogue between science and religions to be submitted to the Church leaders; 2.A campaign for the support of science-religion dialogue carried out on the new methodological basis. Main Outcome: Over 50% of the recommendations will be accepted by the expert community and Church leadership and included in work plans. As a result of the project, there will be a new level of methodological foundations for dialogue between science and religion. This will ensure a more positive attitude to the dialogue in both the scientific and church communities. This will make its impact on the scale of the dialogue and the number of scientists and organizations involved and ensure an academic multidimensional approach to issues studied. The project has been supported by the supreme leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church.