We need more citizens of character in our nation. Schools play a vital role in shaping character. Today, however, 65% of HS students admit to cheating; 30% admit to stealing; 50% of HS students say drugs are used at school; 160K students stay home every day out of fear of getting bullied; and 1M kids drop out each year. There is a breakdown of character in schools. Intentional, comprehensive character development can mitigate these issues and help develop citizens of character. To assist teachers, we offer a strategy for meaningful change. It is based on the principles of effective character education. More teachers simply need to know about, understand, and use them. To reach hundreds of thousands of teachers, we will leverage technology to build a world-class online resource center. By using social media optimization techniques, we will move from a static, storefront or informational site to one that becomes alive and interactive. Content will become portable; principles and strategies will be brought to life; and information will be exported through linking, crowd sourcing,etc. Sample outputs: a national online community to seek advice, post problems, discuss solutions, share information; online training for developing core values and integrating character across the school curriculum. Sample outcomes: 24/7 help for teachers; fewer acts of violence; less substance abuse; higher attendance rates; improved academics; more respectful students. The project includes a major publicity component to ensure we have far-reaching and enduring impact. We will explain how character education can transform schools and why it is important for our communities, nation and world. Enduring impact: more educators who understand, embrace and use character education, leading to more schools of character that will graduate young men and women who become ethical citizens who appreciate the worth of character, the obligation of duty and the importance of kindness.