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To have a society that values freedom and free enterprise we must see those values reflected in our educational institutions. This project aims to promote the ideas of liberty in both high schools and universities in Canada.

In high school students are often just beginning to become curious about the world of ideas, but too often their lessons do not introduce them to the ideas of classical liberalism. For that reason, this project will, in part, work to create ready-made assignments and tests and complimentary reading material to accompany books commonly taught in high schools while introducing the ideas of liberty. This project will also bring together a group of teachers for a weekend of discussion about classical liberal themes in great works of literature.

The second part of this project will focus on universities, the point of origin for many of the ideas which are dominant in our society and one of the most effective conduits for spreading those ideas. Much like in the United States, Canadian universities are generally (and correctly) perceived as being hostile to free markets and free enterprise. While there is a great deal of truth to this perception, there are also many bright spots in the form of professors who not only believe in, but are passionate about, freedom.

This project would bring together Canadian professors for a two-day workshop on starting a university centre that would promote the ideas of freedom in a university environment. Selected faculty members would meet with similarly-minded academics and hear from those who are already operating successful centres. The goal of this workshop is to provide both motivation and practical advice for professors who wish to run a centre to promote the ideas of freedom within their university.