This $400,000 project will support a high-level summit of thought leaders consisting of leading experts and advocates in health, education, philanthropy, business, government, media, and gerontology to reimagine and reinvent the notion of beneficial purpose in the period of life traditionally defined as the “retirement years.” The working summit will be held on May 1, 2014, (with a welcome dinner on April 30) in conjunction with the annual Milken Institute Global Conference, which attracts thousands of highly connected opinion leaders and decision makers from around the world.

This summit takes the first steps towards promoting the dissemination of new thinking about aging in ways that reframe the conversation around issues of work, entrepreneurship and beneficial purpose. This summit will gather the key leading practitioners and opinion leaders across disciplines to develop strategies and plans of action that will ultimately change the landscape of life and purpose in our later years.

The theory of change is that by convening this summit of philanthropists, business leaders, thought leaders, and medical experts, we will create a team of experts that will develop the necessary changes that need to be made to reframe the notion of retirement from self-centered leisure – “graying as playing” – to one of other-centered purpose drawing on a life of accumulated knowledge, wisdom and experience.