Students For Liberty is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports pro-liberty students and student organizations. We seek to educate more young people about the importance of liberty and free enterprise and provide today’s youth with the resources to become more effective advocates of liberty in preparation for when they graduate and can start to make a difference in society. We do so by identifying pro-liberty students, providing leadership training, organizing conferences, and offering free resources like 125,000 copies of our most recent book, After the Welfare State, published in conjunction with the Atlas Network.

Students For Liberty is primarily active in the United States and Europe at this time. (SFL won the Templeton Freedom Award for Student Outreach in 2011 for our International Conference and in 2012 for our expansion into Europe.) However, we frequently receive requests from students around the world for support in starting student organizations and educating their peers about the importance of freedom and free enterprise. Up to now, we have been unable to fulfill many of these requests for support. This proposal is for the Templeton Foundation to change that, to expand Students For Liberty’s work to students across the globe.