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The Steve Fund’s proposed project, Spirituality/Religion and Mental Health of Young People of Color, seeks to conduct timely research which will inform the development and delivery of programming on the intersection of religion, spirituality, and mental health. Specific “Big Questions” our proposed project seeks to answer include:

♣ How do we encourage and promote greater collaboration on campus between spiritual leaders and mental health professionals?
♣ How can we encourage better collaboration on campus between mental health and religion/spirituality resources?
♣ How do we build cultural competency to ensure that we are addressing the needs of all students?

The Steve Fund will conduct survey research to understand how campuses are currently connecting mental health and religion/spiritual resources to support students of color. We also want to add to the body of research related to the intersection of religion, spirituality, mental health and race. In doing that, what we expect to encourage mental health and religion/spiritual leaders in campus organizations to promote greater collaboration to leverage resources in support of students.