Dr. Alvin Plantinga is the 2017 Templeton Prize Laureate. He was also a founding member of the Society of Christian Philosophers and served as the Society’s president from 1983-1986. His scholarship and leadership were extremely influential to the past two generations of Christian philosophers. To highlight Dr. Plantinga’s substantive contributions to philosophy of religion in the previous five decades and to raise awareness of it among another generation of US philosophy students, the Society of Christian Philosophers will sponsor a series of undergraduate reading groups. Interested departments will submit a plan for a reading group devoted to an area in philosophy where Plantinga has made a substantial contribution. The reading groups materials must include one or more books in Plantinga’s corpus. Preference will be given to those books which are appropriate for undergraduate audiences, and at least half of the readings to be discussed must be comprised of Plantinga's writings.

The SCP will select up to 25 proposals to sponsor; selected departments will receive $3000. The funds will be intended primarily to cover the cost of the materials but can also be used for other related expenses (e.g., food).