Partnering with four theological institutions, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is launching a pilot project to enrich continuing education curricula for clergy by integrating scientific topics and technological advancements relevant to contemporary pastoral ministry into Continuing Education courses. Building on resources and relationships developed through the Science for Seminaries project, this complementary effort will reach pastors who have had little-to-no science exposure in their previous training. Having long promoted public education about the value of science in advancing human welfare, AAAS is uniquely positioned to offer this new opportunity. The pilot will utilize educational formats that remove barriers of time and/or cost for clergy, identifying the most effective means of engagement and tactical approaches when integrating science-driven content. Resources and networks from Science for Seminaries will be leveraged to ensure success, and the lessons learned will lay the groundwork for a new effort to bring science to continuing education for pastors. Partnerships with seminaries and theological educators will demonstrate the importance of increasing scientific fluency among clergy, revitalizing the place of science in the broader American public through impacted congregations.