The Science Friday Initiative (SFI) proposes Science Friday Programming on the Cosmos, a one-year, $151,970 project. SFI is the nonprofit producer of the public radio program Science Friday, the science and technology radio show hosted by Ira Flatow. Entering its 25th year on the air, Science Friday has over 2 million listeners per week. SFI employs a multimedia approach for content distribution to reach consumers of a diverse media landscape. SFI will leverage its vast audience, its reputation as a trusted science and technology media organization, and its knowledge of producing engaging media to produce eight collections of media on astrobiology and multiverse theory. Each series will be featured on, promoted on-air and distributed via social media channels to over 1 million followers. Any radio segments produced will be featured on our radio program that airs from 2-4 ET each Friday nationwide. The enduring impact of this project will be the result of an ongoing dialogue among the public at large: a well-informed public with the ability to form new insights, make good decisions based on their knowledge, and a enjoy a richer quality of life as lifelong learners.