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Tibetan Buddhists to strengthen the monastic education system. With previous funding we created a network of 8 science centers, trained over 80 monastic leaders, established 200 monastic stewards of education, and launched numerous research collaborations with monastics. We want to realize the full potential of His Holiness’ vision by scaling indigenous science leadership, engaging hundreds of monks/nuns in driving deeper monastic learning and scientific inquiry.

The proposed project will:
1. Employ modern technologies to leverage the long-distance learning center [LDLC] at the Sager Science Center. This facility will allow live and asynchronous exchanges between students, teachers, and citizens beyond physical workshops, and will provide 24/7 access to online educational materials.

2. Expand our educative program to 30 Tibetan lay schools and other monastic institutions in India, Bhutan, and Nepal.

3. Train monastics in digital content creation and book writing with scientists, filmmakers, and authors to create projects about science and Buddhism and bring our mission to a wider audience.

4. Develop four new science centers and bolster existing ones through mentorship visits and mini-grants to promote inquiry, exploration, and exchanges.

5. Conduct a new program for 30 nuns in Dharamshala to expand science education to women and nunneries.

6. Conduct a new program for 30 monastics in Nepal to expand science education among monastics in Nepal.

7. Conduct a new program for 30 monastics in Nepal to expand science education among monastics in Bhutan.

8. Leverage a teacher fellowship program to share experiences with previous cohorts and promote mentorship by experienced Western teachers.