The overarching goal of the project is to initiate a number of activities leading to the launching of a three-year project 'Science for Ministry in Poland'. The realization of this preliminary stage would enable us to provide the foundation for the future extensive education and dissemination in the area of science and religion and related domains. In particular, implementation of the initial phase will allow us to: (1) Gain know-how as regards the incorporation of the 'science and religion' issues to various aspects of religious life in Poland; (2) Identify the areas in which such an endeavor would be most needed and/or fruitful; (3) Identify a group of people and institutions that would be instrumental in carrying out the future project. To achieve the above-mentioned goals of the project it will be necessary to undertake the following types of activities: (a) 'pilot programs' in religious education pertaining to the interaction between science and religion (both in seminaries educating future priests and in schools); (b) public presence through a new internet portal and organization of public events; (c) the development of the 'Science for Ministry in Poland' three-year grant proposal. The innovative character of the project lies in the extensive range of activities which will be undertaken within it. Despite being only a preliminary stage of the future undertaking, the many levels at which these activities shall be undertaken is unprecedented in Poland in the field of science and religion. The enduring effects of the proposed project should consist in enabling the realization of the future 'Science for Ministry in Poland' project by preparing the personal, institutional and media related grounds for its implementation. Furthermore, even at this initial stage, the realization of the project should result in raising the awareness of the many issues at the intersection of the scientific knowledge and the religious thought in the Polish religious life.