Oxford University is home to the Andreas Idreos Professorship of Science and Religion, the Ian Ramsey Centre, and scholars from many fields with interest in science and religion. Oxford’s global reputation for state-of-the-art research in the humanities, social, natural and physical sciences makes it a logical international destination for study of science and religion. Investing in a suite of science and religion research and graduate education programs will release its full potential to engage with big research questions, as well as developing people early in their careers to achieve their potential to influence scientific and theoretic debates with new and exciting thinking. The primary purpose of this three-year project is to allow the Theology Faculty to help make the Idreos Chair, which is of central importance to science and religion in Oxford, as effective as possible as well as self-sustaining. Foundation support is requested to cover three years of the costs for the newly appointed Idreos Professor, Alister McGrath, including start up costs for his activities. During this time the Faculty will seek to raise £4 million in endowment funds.