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In phase 3 of the SABQ Aggregator Website (S&BQ) project, we will aggressively build out the content on the site to create a much deeper and more robust repository of the important engagement outputs related to SABQ research. We will more than triple the number of public facing outputs on the site while we continue to maintain and improve the underlying technology platform.

Leveraging unique editorial resources, we will curate and post material daily from an expanding variety of sources. Adding approximately 1,000 new articles, audio, video and event-related items over the course of the project will give S&BQ the breadth and depth it needs to display the full range of SABQ content in a comprehensive and balanced way. This wealth of content will be equally useful to scholars, researchers, philanthropists, educators, clergy and the general public—all of whom will be able to find what they’re looking for and interested in. Combining this dramatically accelerated pace of aggregation with our sophisticated presentation strategy, which allows visitors to intuitively find, sort and explore the site content, S&BQ will continue its evolution into a valuable, definitive online resource.

We will also add interactive functionality, continue to make strategic improvements, and maintain the site infrastructure (particularly the hosting platform and search technology). We will critically assess the performance of the site and actively seek user feedback in order to gauge opportunities for adjustment and refinement. We will also add an opt-in newsletter feature and ramp up the social media engagement.

By the end of phase 3, S&BQ will be deep and robust, with the refined technologies and advanced functionalities needed to provide a rich and rewarding user experience. The website will become a compelling destination, attracting scholars, researchers, opinion leaders, and members of the engaged public—while preserving and increasing the visibility and impact of SABQ research.