It is important for religions to understand their compatibility with science, as many understand science and faith to be incompatible, with believers feeling somewhat removed from important cultural and scientific developments. Despite this, Church ministers are conscious that they must explain their faith to a world significantly influenced by science. This project has an eminently formative character, tackling the principal issues that determine the relationship between science and theology by means of online teaching and tutoring. This is the first time in the Catholic Church that online methodology has been used for formative dialogue between science, philosophy, and theology, with global themes being examined through the eyes of theology and philosophy in the Catholic tradition. The key output will be the creation of a professionally promoted website containing recorded presentations and didactic materials for each lesson. We also foresee the inclusion of online seminars and discussions with published notes. The principal outcome will be the modification of the participants’ perception of science by developing in them a clear critical understanding of the harmony that exists between faith and science, as demonstrated by them in direct pastoral tasks.