The main aim of the proposal is to prepare a three year project to create venues especially directed to develop the understanding of scientific results and theories and the relation between science and faith among those involved in work with religion in Sweden, be it as theologians or as leaders within religious organizations and institutions. This project is a collaborative approach involving (a) the Faculty of Theology, Uppsala University, (b) the Church of Sweden, and (c) the SigtunaFoundation.

The planning project can be divided into the preparation of eight different measures encomapssing preparations for (1) a website for the whole program (measure 1), (2) one day-seminars in eight dioceses of Sweden (measure 2), (3) local programs in the diocese of Lund and Gothenburg (measure 3), (4) communicative activities of "science and religion promotors" (measure 4),(5) dialogue with Islamic communities in Sweden (measure 5), (6) focused training conferences(measure 6), and (7) an academic course on science and religion (measure 7). (8) The planning process also includes the realization of a national conference for representatives of the main actors involved in the project, i.e. academic scholars in the science and religions, ecclesial leaders, Muslim leaders, pastors and journalists (measure 8).

In sum, the anticipated outcome of the proposal is (1) a national conference with representatives of the main actors of the projects in Sweden on March, 5-6, 2014 and (2) a more detailed application for the main program in the beginning of May 2014 and - providing a positive response - the initiation of the main project involving the seven measures on September 1, 2014.