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Freedom and Free Enterprise are frequently condemned for unfair distribution of resources. It is often claimed that it fails to provide for all people in need, and that the gap between the rich and the poor is ever increasing. The fight for justice and sufficient provision became so overwhelming, that it increasingly drifts into the fight against Scarcity.
This makes us consider that Man lacks understanding of his true nature, and thus engages in utopian policies and futile pretensions. Furthermore, the project is grounded on an idea that Scarcity is critical to understand Man and soundly assess institutions and policies.
A comprehensive analysis must embrace human nature in the light of Scarcity at the cross-section of anthropology, theology, philosophy, psychology and economics.
This research project will seek to answer the following questions: 1) How do humanities disciplines reveal Man’s relation to Scarcity?; 2) What is the relationship between Scarcity and Morality?; 3) What are the observable and identifiable effects of man-made attempts to overcome Scarcity?
The first part of the project is a multidisciplinary inquiry into Scarcity and its relation with Man. The second part is an analysis of welfare benefits, nanny state, labor market regulation, monetary policy, their influence on Man and his morality.
Research will be followed by a Europe-wide dissemination campaign and training. Two high-profile conferences will be held to present the findings and the "Handbook of Moral Arguments" to policy makers, opinion leaders and the media. A series of trainings for 20 think tanks in Europe will be delivered. Finally we will produce a documentary for TV broadcast, film festivals and university screenings.
As the Western world is attempting to overcome scarcity with redistributionist policies and is thus moving further away from Freedom and Free Enterprise, our project will show that current policies are not only futile, but corrode the human nature as well.