The Samford University Center for Science and Religion was authorized in 2009 by the University Board of Trustees to promote education and research at the interface of science and religion. This venture was the vision of a core group of faculty who believed that Samford was geographically and strategically placed to house such a Center and that it was congruent with the mission of the University. Since then, founding members have engaged in numerous Center related activities but that work has been done in addition to normal teaching, research, and administrative duties. Our vision is to make this Center a major influence but achieving that ambitious plan will require resources beyond what we are able to provide solely as a “labor of love.” Funding for the activities proposed here, therefore, will provide critical support for our efforts to take the Center to the next level. There are two complementary components to this portion of our plan: (1) Implement specific activities to address science and religion issues involving the church and (2) Leverage Templeton funds to create a framework for ongoing high-caliber activities extending past the life of the grant. We believe that many ministers and church members are genuinely concerned about how to relate the findings of modern science to their religious faith and our efforts are intended to be a catalyst in the reconciliation process. This will be manifest in a difference in attitudes toward issues at the interface of science and religion, including increased acceptance of scientific claims by persons in religious communities and greater openness to religious claims by those outside. However, as we describe herein, this project will also increase visibility and credibility of the Center, helping to lay an enduring foundation for a permanent and influential presence effecting long-term benefits for the intellectual climate of our region and beyond.