The ReFaithing Science at Regent College initiative takes up the theme of Science in Dialogue by addressing the following Big Question: “How can the relationship between Christian faith and scientific endeavor be conceptualized and communicated in a way that effectively engages diverse audiences?”

Sir John Templeton recognized that science and spirituality should be neither sealed in separate boxes nor positioned at opposite ends of a battlefield, yet even a cursory glance at contemporary culture reveals that the supposed incompatibility and even hostility between faith and science is something of a truism in much of Western society. Regent College believes that this widespread perception is a significant threat to the development of theology and science alike, as well as to the spiritual and intellectual flourishing of countless individuals.

The project team proposes an alternative model for the relationship between faith and science: mutual coinherence, or existence within one another. The goal of each project activity is to explore the implications of this model and to communicate it in an accessible form that encourages and enables further exploration of science, theology, and their interaction. The project outputs--academic publications, public lectures, two graduate-level courses of study, and an online hub for content and resources related to faith and science--will target different audiences with the same basic narrative, a story of one world, created by one God, who can be known and worshiped through both theology and science--and who is best known and best worshiped when theology and science work together.

By introducing this narrative to present and future thought leaders in faith communities, scientific communities, and the wider world, Regent College hopes to contribute thousands of critically engaged, spiritually committed, and graciously inclined participants to the ongoing dialogue between faith and science.