Science and technology have evolved immensely from the early days of the quantum era, allowing us to witness quantum effects that could only be dreamed of decades ago. Yet, many tantalising questions are still open: what happens to the principles of thermodynamics when we deal with the quick dynamics of small quantum systems brought out of equilibrium? Can we formulate in a thermodynamical way the working principles of quantum devices designed to perform transformations analogous to 'canonical' thermo-machines? REDMESaS aims at establishing a framework that is able to show the emergence of thermodynamics purely out of quantum processes enforced in quantum many-body systems, thus establishing a tight link between thermodynamics and quantum critical phenomena. The approach uses an information theoretical viewpoint that will explore the relations between quantum features and the emergence of thermodynamics. The goal of the project is to contribute towards a redefinition of the quantum framework that incorporates thermodynamics in a self-consistent way.