All attempts to find a description of Quantum Gravity in the context of point like quantum field theory have failed until recently. The dominant idea about the fundamental theory is based at present on the theory of superstrings, which suggests that extended objects like strings form the fabric of the space-time. However, recently a new picture of a consistent quantum field theory of gravity may be emerging. Maximal N=8 supergravity appears to be free from the major inconsistency problems (UV divergences) up to the fourth quantum loop level. The project addresses the problem of Quantum Gravity by new methods, new ideas and powerful use of computers. In this project we explore and predict the results of the computations of the amplitudes describing the perturbative quantum gravity interactions, in an effort to find out if this leads to a new picture of a space-time fabric. With participants from many countries, mostly US and Europe, we will be able to make progress actually testing UV divergences at 5-loop level. We will also look for general principles behind these computations. The core question addressed by this project: is Quantum Gravity described by N=8 perturbative quantum field theory free of UV divergences at higher loop level? Three main activities of the project are: (1) To analyze all-loop behavior of amplitudes in N=8 supergravity (2) To find a relation between this analysis and actual computations, at 5-loop level and above (3) To study black holes in N=8 supergravity and relation between perturbative and non-perturbative aspects of this theory. For concrete outputs we expect many peer reviewed published articles as well as presentations at international conferences. This project has a high chance of leading to fundamental change at the foundations of theoretical physics. Potential Enduring Impacts may be profound if the UV finiteness will be confirmed in actual computations as well as via general analysis.