This Proposal begins by suggesting a simple explanation of -dark energy- as a finite effect due to virtual-pair fluctuations of the QED vacuum. A preliminary solution, presently being improved, suggests a new interpretation of the origins of electroweak symmetry-breaking as due to tightly-bound, massive, electrically-charged tachyon (T) and anti- tachyon (Tbar) pairs in the quantum vacuum. In situations of astrophysical catastrophe, e.g., a supernova explosion (or the Big Bang) such pairs could be torn out of the vacuum by a Schwinger mechanism, and sent to and trapped in magnetic fields of distant galaxies. Such Ts are a-causal, but are perfect candidates for -dark matter-, since they tend to reabsorb any photons they emit; and they also can help explain observed Gamma-Ray Bursts, Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays, and CMB fluctuations. In summary, this Proposal seeks to determine whether such a-causal entities can play a significant role in our understanding of the observed, physical world.