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PRX's Big Questions project will put the public in thoughtful discourse with exemplary thinkers focused on the deepest questions facing humanity through the rapidly growing medium of podcasting. With guidance from a panel of experts, PRX will use an open RFP to identify four diverse, untapped voices with the potential to engage a broad audience at the intersection of scientific, philosophical, and spiritual questions.

Today, much of podcasting's focus on these subjects is limited by poor production and an overemphasis on celebrity. Instead, PRX will offer emerging voices professional opportunities to develop, produce, share, and sustain great programming that inspires listeners. For deep thinkers who typically live within the hallowed walls of academia or seminaries, podcasting — as an accessible, intimate and highly engaging medium — is uniquely suited to bringing their perspectives to a wider audience.

PRX will provide finalists editorial, production, and marketing resources to fully develop at least two seasons of their podcast, each 6-8 episodes long.

Through the podcasts produced in PRX's Big Question project, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of how esoteric and abstract issues like spirituality, character, ethics, and humility connect to their daily lives. Diversity and inclusion will be a priority in our selection for talent, and we intend the podcasts to draw in both audiences already considering the Big Questions, and listeners who might not actively seek out a podcast on the connections between spirituality and science. With significant JTF support, we can identify and invest in new, as yet unproven talent who want to advance public understanding and dialogue on empathy and intellectual humility through this powerful medium of podcasting.