Recent years have seen increased interest in the role of religion in international affairs. However, much of this attention has been limited to questions of violent extremism, rather than a holistic consideration of the roles that religion can play in public life, particularly in environments of religious freedom. The goal of this project is to bring scholarly work and policy debate focused on religious freedom-its forms, complexities, causes, effects, impediments, strategies, and so on-into the foreign affairs mainstream. The project will achieve this by (a) commissioning articles by respected experts and publishing them in 'The Review of Faith & International Affairs', the leading journal in the field, (b) holding public lectures in Washington, DC, and (c) creating and disseminating model syllabi on the themes addressed in the journal. The expected result of the project is that scholars (political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, etc.), practitioners, policy makers, and other opinion leaders in world affairs will be inspired and equipped to pursue new research, teaching, innovation, and collaboration on issues related to religious freedom.