Capital market short-termism arguably constrains free enterprise to do what it does best: invest in innovation, take beneficial risks, create valuable products, and invest in people. Short-termism causes societal ills, like stagnant growth in retirement assets, jobs, and well-being. Managers, investors, and academics are starting to demand a long-term orientation, and so the time is ripe to harness competition and creativity to demonstrate future mindedness. We aim to reorient investors toward long-term value holding by promoting future-mindedness via a prize competition. The contest will challenge the brightest financiers, investors, and academics to produce a financial innovation, likely a financial instrument, which rewards investors who engage in Sir John’s philosophy that value is not created overnight. We envision that prizes will be awarded in a later phase for best retail investor innovation and best institutional investor innovation. Our inspiration is Sir John’s challenge to approach knowledge humbly, embrace ignorance, be radical in questioning accepted axioms, and rely on competition and inquiry to find prosperity. Project activities and major outputs include design of the competition, creation of a detailed implementation plan and procurement of prize co-sponsors. The aim of the prize competition is to shift the market and intellectual climate so that long-term holding periods are encouraged. Ultimately, the competition could change the way capital is allocated, so that the private sector can more effectively benefit society. The Aspen Institute has promoted future-mindedness since 2003. Collaboration with Templeton Foundation will amplify our voice, and, over time, provide incentives for patient investors and create the conditions in which business can create long-term value and contribute to overall prosperity.