We often ask how to alleviate poverty. But the real question is, how do people create prosperity for their families and communities? Started by the Acton Institute, PovertyCure is a global initiative that champions the creative potential of the human person and seeks to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of the developing world. Through an international network of 100+ partner organizations, a content-rich website, a curriculum and social media following, PovertyCure aims to challenge conventional thinking and reframe the poverty debate around the capacity of the human person, made in the image of God. The goal of this project is to strengthen each of the components of the overall initiative with an emphasis on the PovertyCure Curriculum, and launch a Film Competition to extend the reach of the PovertyCure ideas and equip leaders that can work towards human flourishing in their communities. As a result of this project, individuals from around the world in business, religious, nonprofit, and academic settings will have a deeper understanding of real solutions to the challenge of poverty and will be inspired to implement these ideas in their work.