Alvin Plantinga is generally considered one of the most important philosophers of religion in the 20th (and 21th) century, if not the most important contemporary philosopher of religion at all. However, he has received little attention in Germany; his seminal trilogy on the epistemology of religious belief (including 'Warranted Christian Belief', WCB) is almost unknown (or unread, on any account). This is related to the unfortunate fact that philosophy of religion in Germany has quite a stunted existence; only very few German philosophers show interest in philosophy of religion, and almost none of those who do so consider themselves as belonging to the otherwise prominent, so-called analytic tradition to which Plantinga belongs. The outputs and outcomes of this project shall be part of a process to change this. The project's direct purpose is to produce and publish a translation of Plantinga's 'Warranted Christian Belief' into German. The wider aim is to introduce Plantinga's philosophy to a larger German audience and to strengthen philosophy of religion in Germany. In order to do this, support is needed to (i) translate the text of 'Warranted Christian Belief', (ii) publish it together with an introduction for the German audience, (iii) organize a conference on Plantinga's WCB, (iv) publish the conference results, Alvin Plantinga himself has welcomed this project and is willing to attend the conference.