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Summary for this planning grant:
This is a proposal to enable Heartlines to prepare a proposal for submission to the Sir John Templeton Foundation entitled Values and money: a national campaign
Specific activities for the planning period include
1.Refining the behaviour change model
2.Refining the programme model and entry points for each of three age groups namely 6-12, 13-18 and 19-30
3.Refining the evaluation model
4.Completion of a full proposal
The project period will produce a full proposal.

Draft summary for the full proposal which the planning grant will enable us to refine:

The project addresses the problems of rising levels of materialism, debt, envy, sloth, low savings and instant gratification. It aims at moving people from merely believing in certain virtues to living them out, particularly in relation to money. The key virtues that this project focuses on are thrift, diligence, honesty with future mindedness being the overarching virtue for this project. It will also and challenge the negative value of envy.The project will furthermore research the impact and refine the methodology used. It has the potential to impact positively on people's financial fitness as well as create a model that can add to the current state of knowledge in character education.

Proposed activities, which will be refined during the planning process include:
1.The development of a children's story book for children 6-12 with accompanying facilitators guide
2.The implementation of 40 six-hour facilitated sessions to reach 5000 people using a film and written resources to foster the desired values.
3.The implementation of 12 two-day facilitated sessions to reach 200 leaders using a film and written resources to foster the desired values.
4.A full evaluation