The Museum of the American Revolution is developing an exhibition program that will inspire learning about the history of the American Revolution, the significance of the founding ideals and values, and the importance of understanding and upholding these principles as the basis for effective citizenship. The Revolutionary Generation was responsible for sweeping societal change that was motivated by important character traits that included honesty, reliability, diligence, future-mindedness, generosity, thrift, diligence, and entrepreneurship. The Museum intends to provide visitors with an engaging overview of the story of this extraordinary time, inspiring them to continue to learn about and perpetuate the ideals of the Founders. The Museum respectfully seeks a grant from the Templeton Foundation to continue to develop, refine, and enhance the exhibition content and, while in development, test exhibit concepts and related programs to ensure they are effective in meeting these content goals. This work will lay the groundwork for preparing a comprehensive proposal to the Templeton Foundation that would support the implementation of the exhibition and programming plan.

Specifically, the Museum’s core exhibition will include fourteen galleries and three main theaters. In each gallery a collection of historic artifacts, interpretative text, and interactive displays will explore significant events and decisions during the Revolution. Taken together, the galleries will chronicle the Revolution and convey an understanding of the ideals and principles that motivated both important figures and everyday soldiers and citizens who together gave Americans the liberties they enjoy today. Research studies conducted by the Museum and other organizations show a decline in this knowledge in adults and children. The Museum seeks to help remedy the decline through exposure to its collections and interpretive messages.