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UFM is a unique university, founded in 1971 to promote individual and economic freedom in all areas of life. Since then it has served as the Latin American hub for all in the region who defend these principles. UFM’s mission is reflected in its entrepreneurial ethos and ongoing experimentation with learning methodologies grounded in individual freedom and responsibility.

In 2017, UFM received permission to establish a campus in Madrid. It is the only Latin American university approved to operate in Spain. In September 2018, UFM Madrid begins classes in one of the most popular countries for study abroad, in Europe’s most influential city for Spanish speakers, and where the seeds of classical liberalism were planted by the Late Scholastics of Salamanca.

Spain is one of the most highly regulated education markets in Europe. Innovation in program content and teaching methodologies is almost non-existent. However, foreign universities enjoy greater flexibility. The opportunities to expand into new markets and create new educational products to reach broader audiences are immense. It is also a chance to reintroduce the principles of free markets and individual liberty into a region where they have virtually disappeared from public discourse.

We aim to make UFM Madrid a showcase for a disruptive and replicable education model in which both the learning process and content reflect the principles of individual freedom, free markets, and personal responsibility. We also aspire to become the European hub for all who champion these ideas.

UFM Madrid can help address the question of how to promote a cultural shift towards increased individual and economic freedom in all aspects. It is a chance to innovate, explore, and evolve ways to reach new audiences and become more effective in communicating ideas on liberty. Our measure of success will be a pipeline of successful academics and professionals willing and able to defend individual freedom and free markets.